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Another Unconventional Blues Idea

The biggest problem I have with the blues is that it's a fairly limited genre. You always know how it's supposed to sound and more often than not you can predict where most leads will end up going. It's simple, it's effective and it's pretty much a part of our collective unconscious at this point. Like the last entry I posted, I took a metal/classical technique and applied it to a blues scale for the sake of making it interesting to me. Another idea I came across was twofold.

1. The blues is usually played in very "linear" way that doesn't normally utilize huge interval jumps.
2. Don't see much tapping in the blues, now do you???

So, with the help from an idea I learned from Slonimsky, I came up with the following "Pentatonic Spiral" played in eighths or sixteenths. The basic idea is taking the pentatonic box and "spiralling" inward from the outermost notes. For added effect, slide the last note up an octave. All notes in parenthesis are tapped with the right hand while the notes at the fifth fret are hammered with the left. Enjoy!:

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