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Let's try to get some posts up here!

Bored with the traditional major and minor arpeggios, I have a blast trying to come up with unconventional arpeggio shapes. One day, I had to come up with a lead for a metalized version of Another One Bites The Dust by Queen. The whole song is pretty much the same blues-based bass line. So I asked myself: Why don't I try to come up with a blues-based arpeggio? Most blues leads are pretty straight ahead up-and-down picking. When do you ever hear sweeps? Rarely, if at all. So I dug the concept of combining 2 relatively contrasting techniques. Here's a little snippet that I'm pretty proud of. Please excuse the lameness of typing this out. It's staight 16ths throughout and the (eighth note?) rest is at the end. Note the use of the m3, 4, and tritone. Apply the apropriate slurs. Enjoy!

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